Harger Family, Tolland and West Granville, Massachusetts

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Harger Family, Tolland and West Granville, Massachusetts


Photos of the Harger family:

1. Tintype of David Harger (1798-1872), a shoemaker who lived in Tolland, MA. Married to Jerusha Smith Harger (1800-1872). He died suddenly of a heart attack while acending Otis Road (no longer in use) just north of his home.

2. Nelson Harger (1836-1912), David's son.  He served his country during the Civil War, enlisting with the 46th Mass. Infantry. Moved his family to West Granville from Tolland (all children born in Tolland).

3. Harriet Hunt Harger (1848-1931), wife of Nelson Harger. The daughter of James Hunt and Anzoletta Frost Hunt.

Comparing the photos of Nelson and Harriet they were clearly taken at different times. The photos on the wall are different but the stove is the same and Nelson is sitting in the chair that is off to the right in Harriet's photo. Harriet also has a carpet runner that is not in Nelson's photo, suggesting his may be the earlier of the two photos.

CLICK HERE to see Nelsie Harger Sheets, daughter of Nelson and Harriet Harger, at her loom in the Harger house.

Nelson and Harriet lived on what is now Sheets Road in West Granville. CLICK HERE to see the house.


Digital Images: Granville Library Historical Room


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