Mystery Tintypes From Joyce Hiers Jones Collection

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Jones Tintype 2 woman TMP_7380.jpg


Mystery Tintypes From Joyce Hiers Jones Collection


Matt Jones brought these four tintypes to the Historical Room wondering if the people match any photos in the museum's collection. They are from the collection of Matt's mom, Joyce Hiers Jones. Matt and Joyce are Cooley descendants and there is a feeling these may be from the Cooley side of the family. Or not.

Tintypes date to around the 1850's so that narrows things down. The people are well dressed and the tintypes are in elaborate cases. In one image the woman seems to be making sure the jewelry on her hands is in the picture, which was quite typical of the era. Having a picture taken was a special occasion.

If these folks look familiar please use the Comments feature below to add your thoughts.


Digitized 29 Dec 2020 at Hanson's Garage, Granville, MA.


Joyce Hiers Jones Collection
Matt Jones


Digital Images Copyright 2020, Noble & Cooley Center for Historic Preservation


“Mystery Tintypes From Joyce Hiers Jones Collection,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed November 27, 2022,


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