Bertha (Barnes) Hunt, Laddie, Sheep and Kids

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Bertha (Barnes) Hunt, Laddie, Sheep and Kids


Two photos provided by Jacky Wackerbarth Arnold on National Pet Day (April 11, 2020), both taken at Bertha Hunt's home (now the Gran-Val Scoop).

Jacky shared the following descriptions:

First Photo: "This is a picture of me and Bertha Hunt , May, 1959. Bertha was Stubb Hunt's mother, Mae Nobbs' grandmother, Avola Berndt's great grandmother, etc. This picture was taken where the Gran-Val Scoop is now located--that was her house/farm at the time. I used to go to her house after kindergarten (in the basement of the library with Mrs. Hague as the teacher) and my father would come from the box shop and we'd have lunch with her. I believe she was born in 1871 or 1872 because I can remember going to visit her on her 100th birthday which would have been September 19, of either 1971 or 1972 because it was back when college started in late September and I hadn't left for college yet. I loved the time I spent with her--and loved getting to spend time with the sheep too."

Second Photo: "This picture was taken in May of 1959 at Bertha Hunt's house--now the Gran-Val Scoop. I'm the "giant" on the left, Susan Peebles is in the middle (her grandmother lived across the street at the time, I believe) and Kathy Rosenau is on the right. Kathy lived in the house across from the library--it was green back then, I believe it might be brown now? The dog is Laddie, Bertha's dog."


“Bertha (Barnes) Hunt, Laddie, Sheep and Kids,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed May 18, 2024,


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