Granville Map, 1870

Granville 1870 Map.jpg
East Granville 1870 Map.jpg
Granville Corners 1870 Map.jpg
West Granville 1870 Map.jpg
Granville 1870 Map Northwest Quadrant.jpg
Granville 1870 Map Northeast Quadrant.jpg
Granville 1870 Map Southwest Quadrant.jpg
Granville 1870 Map Southeast Quadrant.jpg


Granville Map, 1870


Granville, Massachusetts Maps, 1870. Maps can be enlarged by clicking on the map.

1. Map of Granville
2. East Granville (Granville Center)
3. Granville Corners (Village)
4. West Granville
5. Detail Map: Northwest
6. Detail Map: Northeast
7. Detail Map: Southwest
8. Detail Map: Southeast



“Granville Map, 1870,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed July 16, 2024,


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