Granville Open Space and Recreation Plan, 2004

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Granville Open Space and Recreation Plan, 2004


This book is available in paper copy at the Historical Room however we suggest you refer to the online version which is available in full on the Town web site. You can read it by clicking HERE.

Note that in the online version of the Plan the fold-out maps referred to in various sections have been moved to the end of the document after the Appendices, whereas in the paper copy they are incorporated throughout the book.

An extremely detailed, interesting and well-written book providing an overview of Granville's open spaces and recreational sites, along with recommendations for future preservation and improvements. 2004.




The print version of this book was generously donated to the Historical Room by Lucinda Tavernise, a member of the team that created the document.

Donated February, 2020.


“Granville Open Space and Recreation Plan, 2004,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed January 18, 2021,


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