Flood of 1955

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Flood of 1955


From Lodema "Dolly" (Banks) Hunt's (1905-1997) account of the life of her husband Francis Robert "Stub" Hunt (1903-1996):

"It was what is called a flash flood and by morning it had cleared. But, as water had run in the hay bay, we had to watch to make sure that the hay didn't heat and combust.
Bob Marsh came over with his hay thermometer and kept track. By afternoon it was becoming dangerous. When a pitchfork was stuck in the hay, the tines were too hot to handle. It was time to get the hay out of the barn before combustion.
Neighbors and friends came to help as 90 tons had to be moved. About 60 tons could be transferred to the loft over the cows.
May [Hunt] stood at the top of the elevator and took the bales off as they came up and men were in back packing them away. When that was full, they had to pitch the rest outside.
They worked all afternoon and all night and we women were busy with the food and drying clothes."




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