Water Street, 0014, Clement Holcomb Homestead, about 1889

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Water Street, 0014, Clement Holcomb Homestead, about 1889


Photo of the Holcomb place at 14 Water Street, Granville, MA., taken about 1889. Photo shows Clement Holcomb (1816-1893), Maria (Case) Holcomb (1823- 23 Dec 1911), and horse.

Mrs. Holcomb's funeral was on 26 Dec 1911, at which a choir consisting of Mable Root, Fannie Hodge, L.F. Henry and Silas B. Root sang. She is buried in the Silver Street Cemetery.

Believed to have been taken by an itinerant photographer as there are several photos of other houses in the Historical Room collection with the same border and handwriting on the back indicating the name of the property owner. The surviving photos are all linked to the Miles Rose family in one way or another (Maria Case Holcomb was his sister-in-law).

This print is marked "very broken" on the back, a reference to the original glass plate negative which was broken before the print was made.


This photo was kindly donated in July 2019 by Janet Donston in loving memory of Lavinia Rose Wilson and Lillian Stillman Donston.


“Water Street, 0014, Clement Holcomb Homestead, about 1889,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed March 2, 2024, https://granvillehistory.omeka.net/items/show/1091.


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