Main Road 0817, "The Old Suhm Place" (Griswold, Suhm, Dubois)


Main Road 0817, "The Old Suhm Place" (Griswold, Suhm, Dubois)


No old pictures showing the main house yet. The two pictures so far are courtesy of Barbara Suhm and show the Suhm family with the nearby cabin built by the Suhms in the background. Click on each photo for more details for that photo.

Ed Dubois, former owner of the house, found an old letter in the wall of the house. It is from someone possibly named Emily (the handwriting is unclear), to Frederick H. Griswold, dated 27 Dec 1888. Fred's parents, Harvey and Frances (Church) Griswold owned the house in the late 1800's. Images of the letter, a business card that was also in the envelope, and Ed's description of finding it are shown on this page. A transcription by Barbara Suhm is also included. Draw your own conclusions. Fred married Isabella Elliott four years later in 1892.

Ed has also shared his recollection of the names of the prior owners. Thanks Ed: 

"I believe the original "homesteader" of the property, and I assume the builder of the farmhouse, was Homer E. Clapp, who is buried in the cemetery across the street, in a family plot near the road. The owner prior to us was Joseph Wetart. If I recall correctly, his wife had recently passed away, before he sold. The owners prior to him, Robert and Lilly Cross, split the property roughly in half, in the 1960's, selling the west parcel to Norman Parent, (a teacher at GVS, who built the house there in the open field, later owned by Peter and Nancy Batatyte.) There were other families as well, whose names I don't one time I traced all the deeds as far back as I could. These name recollections are all from memory, but I think they are accurate."

There is a Zillow page showing the house in recent times. CLICK HERE to go to that site.

To see another picture of the Suhm family CLICK HERE


The following recollection is from the great grand-daughter of Charles Frederick Suhm and Frederica Barbara Suhm:

"The house was half way up the mountain. They may have a new road to the house now, but I remember turning left onto the gravel road (coming from Granville), then up a steep incline - We used to all scream "Give her the gun!" when we went up that road. Then the house was on the left.

There used to be steps coming down from the back of the porch and the land was real slanted going down into an orchard of apple trees.

Grandma's kitchen would be inside to the left and the bedrooms were to the right. When she looked out her window there was a garden. Across from the front door were blueberries you could hand pick for breakfast! She was one gem of a cook! She would fresh pick the vegetables and I would have to go lay down on the porch to digest it all. 

The owners have added a lot to the house and it is beautiful, however, the little cabin was more to my liking."


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