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Henry house Main Rd-4221.jpg
House built about 1860 by Simon Henry.

Photo 1: Date and photographer unknown.
Photo 2: Summer 1941, taken by Herbert Hiers.

Spelman Jesse House 614 Main Rd v2.jpg
Jesse Spelman House, 614 Main Road.
Carrie Champlin and an older woman standing by a fence in front of Jesse Spelman House, 614 Main Road (formerly Maple Street).

GRN_89 Bemis W W House 389 Main Rd.jpg
W.W. Bemis House, 1884, 398 Main Rd. MACRIS Inv. #GRN 89.

Note: MACRIS address seems to have a typo in street address (389 s/b 398)

GRN_86 Tryon House 430 Main Rd.jpg
Tryon House, 1890. 430 Main Rd. MACRIS Inv. #GRN 86.

GRN_85 Cook L House 436 Main Rd.jpg
L. Cook House, 1870. 436 Main Rd. MACRIS Inv. #GRN 85

White Dr house Main Rd-4210.jpg
Dr. Clifford A. White House, c. 1900, 455 Main Rd. MACRIS Inv. #GRN 84

Rose Homestead at 458 Main Road, Granville, MA., 1885
Miles J. Rose House, c. 1880, 458 Main Rd., Granville, MA.

This page includes a Granville Time Travel video. Be sure to click on the enlarge icon before starting the Time Machine.


Sanderson house Main Rd-4206.jpg
Sanderson House, 525 Main Road. MACRIS Inv. # GRN 121.

Atkins Downs Welch House 1.jpg
Atkins, Downs, Welch House.

The place was later owned by William Heino, a local land surveyor.

Pendleton Wilbur House Main Rd Maple St-4194.jpg
The Wilbur Pendleton House on Main Road. The old house (top photo) burned and another house was later built on the property (see second photo).

Second Photo: 1941, taken by Herbert Hiers

Unknown Farm-8852.jpg
Thanks to John Zorick and Gordon Sandman for identifying this house and providing the address!
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