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Washington Pageant circa 1932-7537.jpg
Photo and a two page event program for the Washington Bicentennial Entertainment, Friday, August 19, 1932, in Granville, Massachusetts. Held at the Community Building. For more information on the Washington Bicentennial CLICK HERE.

Granville school with Ted Kennedy001.jpg
Granville Village School Washington Field Trip, 1991.

This photo was shared on the Granville-Tolland Facebook community page in August 2019. The majority of comments dated the trip as having been taken in 1991, showing the classes of 1991 and…

Granville Washington Undated 1001.jpg
Granville Village School Washington Field Trip

Granville Washington 1980001.jpg
Granville Village School Washington, DC field trip, 1980. Photo on the steps of the capital building. Photographer unknown. This photo was posted on the Granville-Tolland FB Community Page on 30 Jan 2020. In the photo: Everett Rockwell (principal),…

Granville Washington 1988001.jpg
Granville Village School field trip to Washington, DC, 1988. Also see page for Principal Rockwell.
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