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Lloyd house Pittsfield 1889 LR.jpg
The Pittsfield, Massachusetts home of Maria Ann (Terrett) Lloyd (1825-1912), whose husband Lemuel Gardner Lloyd was long deceased (1866) when this 1889 photo was taken. It was while visiting here in 1876 that Maria's father, George Washington…

Terrett House 1936 Lorraine Tatro-4328.jpg
1936 photo titled "Terrett House" by Lorraine Tatro. This house was located on South Lane 2, now named Crest Lane. According to the 1912 Granville map it was home of Charles W. Terrett. The map indicates he owned 148 acres of land. He was the last of…

South Lane Granville.jpg
South Lane in West Granville. This would be South Lane 2 which was renamed to Crest Lane. It is not the present day "South Lane." The photo appears to have been taken from Liberty Hill or Prospect Hill, looking more or less south or slightly south…
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