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Gibbons Peter Narrative of My Life.pdf
Two transcripts of the life of Peter Gibbons (9 Apr 1730 - 09 Dec 1822) and a list of his descendants according to his recollection.

Peter Gibbons is buried in the Main Road Cemetery, Granville, MA.

South Lane 0231 Eber Spelman House 1 Jarvis Photo 2022.jpeg
The Eber Spelman house, circa 1780, Granville, Massachusetts.

South Lane 0275 Aaron Spelman place Donatini Photo 2019 11 15.JPG
The Aaron Spelman house, at 275 South Lane, Granville, Ma., built 1761. The house has been in the Roberts family for many years.

The second story"shed" dormer and first floor wing are newer additions to the house. The chimney has also been…

Roberts Hillside Orchard building from FB page.jpg
Roberts' Hillside Orchard, located on South Lane, Granville, MA. Currently not in operation. Formerly operated by Ed and Barb Roberts.
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