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Seymour and Stacker 1941 Hiers Photo 057-059.jpg
This house, built circa 1830, was torn down when the Village Green was improved in the 1990's. It was built around 1830 by Barlow and Spellman and occupied for many years by the Seymour family. Milo Seymour and his ancestors had been active in town…

GRN_101 Seymour Asa House 348 Water Street.jpg
348 Water Street, Asa Seymour House, 1785. MACRIS Inv. # GRN 101
This house was discussed on the Granville Community Forum, May 2018. The following information was crowd-sourced:
1. Asa Seymour was a Mayflower descendant.
2. At one time the house…

1800 House001.jpg
Col. Israel Parsons House, 1816. Old Steve Seymour place, Granville Hill. MACRIS Inv. # GRN 47.

The barn behind the house served as an antiques store in the 1960's and was featured on the cover of "Continental Magazine", a publication by Ford…
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