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Main Road 1562 Aaron Coe House 001.jpg
Capt. Aaron Coe House, 1562 Main Road, Granville, MA. MACRIS # GRN 27.Older photo from about 1910 (estimated; photo is undated).There is a large photo album in the Mabel Root Henry Historical Museum at the Granville Library containing an extensive…

Store at West Granville  001.pdf
1. History of the West Granville Store (PDF)
2. Photo taken around mid to late 1930's. License plate on pickup is 504430. Sedan in front: B76423 (?). West Granville school is visible in background (built 1934).
3. Reverse of #2.
4. Photo taken…

HRM House and Model T front.jpg
The Major Nelson place on West Hartland Road, West Granville, now torn down. See "Comments" for more information.This house was likely constructed by Isaac and Ruth Chapman some time prior to 1778. He was born in 1747 in Old Saybrook, CT, and she was…
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