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Bettinger Album 100 Archie Jensen on Old Westfield Road June 1923-5437.jpg
Last picture is Archie Jensen and Viola Bettinger

From the Viola Elizabeth Bettinger (1899-1983) photo album. Viola Bettinger was a teacher at the old Granville Village School during the early 1920's. Her photo album was donated to the Granville…

Old Westfield Road 0289 Jensen Harry E 1941  Hiers Photo 054-056.jpg
The Jensen Farm, on Old Westfield Road. Now part of the reservoir watershed.

History (Not all Owners Known): Built circa 1800 > Bancroft (1855) > J.W. Tryon (1870) > J. Jensen > Darius and Marie (Hansen) Jensen, Harry E. Jensen (1941) > ??? >…

429 Old Westfield Road, 1941
House torn down 2017 for Granville reservoir watershed. This house was also listed in MACRIS as being at 11 Bruce Road (incorrect).
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