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HRM Mildred Rowley Stiles with doll, 1895 v2.jpg
Mildred (Rowley) Stiles with her doll. Picture taken 1895 by her father Roswell O. Rowley at their home at 522 Main Road in Granville. The doll in the picture is in the Granville Library Historical Room collection.Later pictures are 1955 and 1968.…

Granville Washington 1988001.jpg
Granville Village School field trip to Washington, DC, 1988. Also see page for Principal Rockwell.

Granville Washington 1980001.jpg
Granville Village School Washington, DC field trip, 1980. Photo on the steps of the capital building. Photographer unknown. This photo was posted on the Granville-Tolland FB Community Page on 30 Jan 2020. In the photo: Everett Rockwell (principal),…

3 Shop Workers.jpg
A group of workers, most likely at Noble & Cooley before the 1889 fire.

HRM Yale Room front.tif
Mystery photo showing what may be a Yale student, Yale graduate, or Yale fan's room.

Historical Room-015_00044.tif
The Granville Library Club celebrating the 50th anniversary of the construction of the library. Members dressed in period garb and performed a skit to commemorate the event.

Historical Room-017_00049.jpg
Miles Jeptha Rose (1839-1915) and Sophia Lucinda (Beach) Rose (1843-1928). There is a large framed version of this photo in the Historical Room. Miles and Sophia are buried in the Silver Street Cemetery.

HRM group of men possibly Noble & Cooley v2.jpg
Possibly Noble & Cooley workers at old factory before fire Gramp Ripley and Bert Roberts are identified. Person to left of Gramp Ripley appears to be noted as "Arch" (Tryon?).

Historical Room-024_00071.tif
Mystery photo. A large group, many holding what appears to be similar bottles of an unknown beverage, in a festive mood.

HRI Dr Rockwell with horse and carriage front.tif
Dr. Rockwell at the corner of Maple Street (now Main Road) and Old Westfield Road. House in the background, 458 Main Road, is still there.
42°04'02.9"N 72°51'30.1"W
42.067471, -72.858369
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