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Granville Public Library 50th 3 women at table.jpg
Granville Library Club 50th Anniversary. L-R: Mrs. Huddleston, Mable Henry, Clara Wilcox

Wilcox Hotel.jpg
Wilcox Hotel, Granville. The hotel was run by Columbus and Jane Wilcox, who had four children: Clara, Annie, Frank and Winifred (Winnie). Winifred Wilcox married Delphia W. Roberts in 1902. Winnie donated a number of items in the Historical Room. Her…

Noble Rowley Wilcox Ovesen 1951 06 25 Granville.jpg
Photo taken on June 25, 1951. Five women born in Granville in the 1860's. Reason for their reunion is unknown but the photo was in the Granville Library scrapbook.
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