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Map 1894 Granville Northwest-7740.jpg
Due to the size of the original map this was digitized in four quadrants: Northwest, Northeast, Southeast, and Southwest.

Norheast 1857 Base Map.jpg
This is a portion of 1857 and 1894 Granville maps, showing the northeast section of town. Most of this land was taken by eminent domain for the creation of the Granville Reservoir, serving the Town of Westfield, beginning in the late 1890's.

Baker Harness Co 1894 001.pdf
Invoice and postcard. Baker Harness Company, Springfield, Massachusetts, 1894

Annual Report 1894 Granville searchable pdf.pdf
The 1894 Annual Report for Granville. Includes expenditures, school report,names of teachers by school district, etc. Fascinating.
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