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Academy Hall Rededication 1975 01-9407.jpg
In 1975 Academy Hall was rededicated after some restoration work was done to the facility. To celebrate the milestone a reception was held, and R. Jay Drolett was there with his camera. The photos were assembled in an album which was then donated to…

Ives Collection 1954 bicentennial West Granville Academy.jpg
West Granville Academy

Photos in order displayed:

1. Granville Bicentennial, 1954
2. Academy and Fire Station, 1971
3. Aerial Photo, 10 Jan 2021 (Giguere's Photography)
4. MACRIS record photo

Main Road 1580 West Granville Congregational Church 001.jpg
The West Granville Congregational Church, 1580 Main Road, Granville, MA. This page is Part One. For Part Two see the link below.For more recent photos of the church and events please CLICK HERE.
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