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Third Granville Social Library Encyclopaedia K to MIN 5-7710.jpg
Before the current Granville Library came into existence thanks to the work of the Library Club, Granville had a series of libraries under various names. One was the Dickinson Library Company and before that the Third Granville Social Library, the…

Jones Edward Lyman Letter 1850 1.jpg
Original letter followed by transcription.

Edward Lyman Jones (1814-1893) was born in Chesterfield, Massachusetts. This letter was written in 1850 from Lansing, Michigan to Jones' aunt in Chesterfield. How the letter ended up in Granville is a…

Thomas Jefferson Letter to Cooley and Parsons.pdf
A short letter from Thomas Jefferson to Rev. Timothy Mather Cooley and (?) Parsons.

Parsons and Cooley worked to make sure Granville children and had requested that Jefferson provide a book that could be part of the library collection at the…

Case Philetus Family Record.jpg
The Case and Beach family members whose letters appear here lived in the Canton, CT. area but had strong Granville and Granby connections, especially with the Rose and Holcomb families. These documents provide an excellent window on 19th century life…

Hamiltons in Granville and Tolland 001.pdf
Notes and other information as contained in the Granville Library Historical Room's "Hamilton" file as of June, 2021.IMPORTANT:1. This information is as it appears in the file. Much of it is decades old and was the best effort of researchers at the…

Dickinson Reunions 1906 to 1925.pdf
Records from 1906-1925 reunions of descendants of Bevel Dickinson. Most were held in or near Granville. Includes lists of attendees and their signatures.

The 1906 reunion included all living descendants of Bevel Dickinson. They went to the…

Noble and Cooley.pdf
An article published in the Journal of Antiques and Collectibles, by Judy Gonyeau with Jay Jones, sixth-generation owner of Noble & Cooley.

john brown 001.jpg
100 pages, published by Robert M. De Witt, New York, NY, 1859

Cover Open Space Recreation Plan 2004.jpg
This book is available in paper copy at the Historical Room however we suggest you refer to the online version which is available in full on the Town web site. You can read it by clicking HERE.Note that in the online version of the Plan the fold-out…
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