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Yarmitzky Uminsky clipping-001.jpg
Two newspaper clippings, one clipping is partial. Spelling of the names Yarmitzky and Omanski vary in different documents. Tragedy struck this family while they were living in West Granville. Mrs. Yarmitzky's mother was murdered at the old Harger…

Yarmitsky Omansky Family.jpg
The Yarmitsky family. Location believed to be the old Harger place (now gone) on Sheets Road. These two pictures may have been taken on the same day based on the clothing being worn.

This family suffered a terrible loss when the grandmother was…

Wombolt Lena Sullivan.jpg
Grandmother of Helena (Womboldt) Duris, former curator of the Granville Public Library Historical Room.

Duris Helenas Parents.tif
Francis G. Womboldt and Annie O'Grady, parents of Helena (Womboldt) Duris.

School Bus  Dec 1930 a-7510.jpg
George Aldrich's "winter school bus" pulled by his horse Daisy, December 1930.

Photo 1: Daisy (horse), George Aldrich sitting in the back Children: Mildred, Milly, Dorothy.

Photo 2: The bus waiting to be hitched up. In the bus: Lee, Phil…

Winchell Henry Portrait Photo.jpg
Buried in Northeast Cemetery, Granville, Massachusetts.Winchell land was the first to be taken by eminent domain on April 1, 1898 when the construction of the original reservoirs began in Northeast Granville. The Winchell Reservoir was named for the…

Bettinger Album 020 W H Sanderson superintendent 1922-5352.jpg
William Henry Sanderson (1854-1940) was Granville's Superintendent of Schools (not to be confused with Henry W. Sanderson who was Superintendent of the Westfield Water Works and oversaw the taking of farmland in Granville for the Granville…

Bettinger Album 091 Willard and Dorothea Tryon June 1923-5428.jpg
From the Viola Elizabeth Bettinger (1899-1983) photo album. Viola Bettinger was a teacher at the old Granville Village School during the early 1920's. Her photo album was donated to the Granville Library Historical Room. All photos in the album have…

Bettinger Album 116 Wilhelmina Hansen June1923-5453.jpg
Wilhelmina Hansen Tryon donated many of the photos now on this site to the Granville Library Historical Room over many years, and was an active volunteer who helped to make Granville's one of the finer small town photo collections in…

Welch Joseph portrait.jpg
Portrait of Joseph Welch, Sr. (1851-1928)
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