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HRI Five Men Standing Next to Car.jpg
Left to right: Guy Hansen, Charles Chadburn, Joe Duris, Edgar Walrath, Donald Marshall

HRI Almira Gibbons.jpg
Portrait of Almira (Tinker) Gibbons, 1794-1880.

HRI Cigarette Card Mlle Ben Said front.jpg
Cigarette card depicting actress Mlle Ben Said

HRI Mary Bartlett Treat.jpg
Photos in order of display:

1. Mary Bartlett Treat (1860-1915), married to George Watson Treat. Photo date unknown.
2 & 3. Alice Lyman Treat (13 Jul 1891 - ?), daughter of George and Mary Treat. Photo circa 1891 or 1892. Married Milo B. Miller,…

7 Group Holcomb Rowley maybe.jpg
Family portrait, mid to late 1920's.
Front row (L-R): Myrtie Beulah (Hunt) Humphrey (1896-1983), wife of Ernest Humphrey; Mary Christiana (Rowley) Hunt (1872-1955); William Henry Hunt (1867-1936); Stella Hunt, wife of Henry G. Hunt.
Back row (L-R):…

Clark Collection Richard N Clark Granville 1910.jpg
Richard Newell Clark (1908-1953) was born in Granville, the son of Frank Watson Clark and Nettie M. (Davis) Clark. These photos are courtesy of the Clark family.

Last Photo: Richard N. Clark at unknown dam. Does anyone recognize the location?

Charles Hansen with Roberts drum.jpg
Charles Hansen playing Roberts family drum at Roberts family reunion.

Drum Makers Band.jpg
The Noble & Cooley Drum Makers Band, in the yard at 522 Main Road (the residence of Roswell Rowley).

Shown in the picture: Front Row, seated (L-R): Band Master (unidentified), Ellis Goodrich, Orville Noble, Buell Tinker, Roswell Rowley, Silas…

Gibbons Fred Animation.mp4
Photo of Fred Gibbons. Second photo: Fred Gibbons' signature found on the underside of the cellar steps at Fred Gibbons' house.To see Fred Gibbons' house (462 Main Road), CLICK HERE
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