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  • Collection: Help Solve These Granville Mysteries!

Photo of an unknown girl, found by Steve Miller in a house that was being cleaned out.. The house was later torn down and the site is now part of the Village Green.
The photo was posted on the Granville - Tolland Forum on Facebook, June 11, 2018.…

Large Group of Women.jpg
Names, date and occasion unknown.

HRM Young Man Standing By Porch.jpg
Unknown man in topcoat standing next to porch.

HRM Woman With Car.jpg
Unknown woman with a car.

HRM Woman With Boy Pleasant Memories front.jpg
Unknown woman and boy in photo with "Pleasant Memories" border.

HRM Woman Watering Garden.jpg
Unknown woman watering her garden. There is another picture of the same woman with her cat, in this collection.

HRM Group chopping wood front.jpg
One young man chops a log while his three friends assess his technique.

HRM Enroute to California.jpg
Unknown woman with porter, apparently about to board a train for California. Who, when, why?

HRM Woman Next to Steps.jpg
Unknown woman standing in front of building.
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