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HRM Large Group on Hillside front.jpg
Large gathering on a hillside. What was the occasion? Who's the guy in the top hat? Is this possibly a minstrel show?

Historical Room-099_00232.jpg
Unknown man standing next to Model T Ford.

Historical Room-019_00055.jpg
Group in the foreground has drums but in civilian attire. Possibly Noble & Cooley group? Whitney House in background. Date, location, event unknown.

Historical Room-024_00071.tif
Mystery photo. A large group, many holding what appears to be similar bottles of an unknown beverage, in a festive mood.

Jones Tintype 1 TMP_7385.jpg
Matt Jones brought these four tintypes to the Historical Room wondering if the people match any photos in the museum's collection. They are from the collection of Matt's mom, Joyce Hiers Jones. Matt and Joyce are Cooley descendants and there is a…

5 Noble Cooley Employees.jpg
Noble & Cooley workers on the front steps at 42 Water Street. Photo from the Roberts family.

Noble and Cooley Employees date unknown.jpg
Noble & Cooley employees, around 1900. Silas Ripley and Ralph Hiers, Sr. are identified. Person two places to the left of Ralph Hiers believed to be Arch Tryon (1882-1943). Photo donated by Wilhelmina (Hansen) Tryon, Arch Tryon's daughter-in-law.

3 Shop Workers.jpg
A group of workers, most likely at Noble & Cooley before the 1889 fire.

Cabin with unidentified man.jpg
Photo from the Miles Rose family collection, probably late 1800's. No notation on the photo identifying the person or place.

Carol Laun, historian and archivist at the Salmon Brook Historical Society (Granby), noticed this photo and commented as…

On Hubbard River -.jpg
Do you recognize the location?

Unknown Three Men Studio Photo Hiers Albums-8735.jpg
Three Unidentified Men, Studio Photo, From Hiers Collection.

This photo was posted on the Granville-Tolland Community Facebook group page on 25 Mar 2022. Nobody recognized the men in the photo.
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