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West Granville Baby Mammoth.jpg
LOST: WEST GRANVILLE'S BABY MAMMOTH This stone was found by Major Nelson* while plowing his field. The photo was taken by his son-in-law George Aldrich, probably around 1910. It appears to have been carved. It has been speculated that it was carried…

Bettinger Album 057 The Pump 1922 -5394.jpg
Some pictures defy explanation. The obvious question here is: "Why?"

This appears to be the well pump at the old Granville Village School on Granby Road. (??)

From the Viola Elizabeth Bettinger (1899-1983) photo album. Viola Bettinger was a…

Roberts Hillside Orchard building from FB page.jpg
Roberts' Hillside Orchard, located on South Lane, Granville, MA. Currently not in operation. Formerly operated by Ed and Barb Roberts.

South Lane Granville.jpg
South Lane in West Granville. This would be South Lane 2 which was renamed to Crest Lane. It is not the present day "South Lane." The photo appears to have been taken from Liberty Hill or Prospect Hill, looking more or less south or slightly south…

East Hill and Liberty Hill.jpg
East Hill, Liberty Hill, West Granville, Massachusetts. This photo is looking east at East Hill and Liberty Hill. South Lane 2 runs across the upper portion of the landscape. The South Lane school is center left and the Yarmitsky place is on the…

Storm 1940 03 07 car 1.jpg
Photos taken in Granville, March 7 and 9, 1940 after a major snowstorm.

Hansen Milton Sr and Jr 1945 02.jpg
The snowstorm of February 1945.
Tractor Photo: G. Milton Hansen and his son, Milton E. Hansen
Truck/Snowblower Photos: This equipment was said to have come from the Westover air base.

Snow Scene Road001.jpg
A vehicle on a snowy Granville road. Unknown date and road.
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