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Indiam Meadow Granby Road 2020 12 27 Copyright Giguere's Aerial.jpg
This aerial photo taken 27 Dec 2020 shows Indian Meadows, near Pine Lane. The mill in the meadow is just out of camera view. Indian Meadows and the mill are visible from Granby Road, near Cooley & Company (the big red barn).

Cooley Lake 2020 12 27 Copyright Giguere's Aerial.jpg
Pine Lake is a man-made lake created by Ralph B. Cooley, and located between Granby Road and Sodom Road in Granville, MA.
GPS Coordinates:
Lat. 42.055824
Long. -72.850128

Aerial Photo: 27 Dec 2020 (see "Rights")

Early Photo: About 1921, from…

A cellar hole at the location of the former farm of the Edwin C. Noble family, northwest corner of the intersection of Wendy's Road (formerly North Lane Number One). There was a school located across Blandford Road on the northeast corner.Cellar hole…

1964 North Lane Kids VW and Snow Copyright Dorrie Holmes 2.jpg
Dorrie (Demarais) Holmes (center) and her two sisters standing on a snowbank along North Lane, Granville, Massachusetts, 1964. The family Volkswagen Beetle is in the foreground. Photo taken by her father, Donald Demarais. How'd they get up there?…

West Granville Baby Mammoth.jpg
LOST: WEST GRANVILLE'S BABY MAMMOTH This stone was found by Major Nelson* while plowing his field. The photo was taken by his son-in-law George Aldrich, probably around 1910. It appears to have been carved. It has been speculated that it was carried…

1942 12 29 storm Wilcox hotel.jpg
Snowstorm of 29 Dec 1942, Hiers photo. Wilcox Hotel is on the right. Old Universalist Church (gone) steeple in the background. Granville Country Store is just out of sight on the left. Gas sign is visible. View is looking northwest toward Main Road.

Village Green 2020 October Snow Copyright Scott Lomis.jpg
The Granville Village Green, October 2020. Photo by Scott Loomis, copyright 2020.

Geese Migrating.MOV
1. Migrating geese over Shaughnessy Swamp, October 2020. A classic and familiar New England fall scene. Peggy Babcock Jones video, used here with permission.

Storm 1940 03 07 car 1.jpg
Photos taken in Granville, March 7 and 9, 1940 after a major snowstorm.

Ballot Box Granville.jpg
Granville employs state of the art technology to prevent election interference from foreign and domestic hackers.

Citizens Park Dedication 1999 10 03 001.pdf
History and photos of the Granville Citizen's Park, dedicated on October 3, 1999.
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