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Jones Ben with large tree-283.jpg
According to the note on the back of this photo it is Ben Jones, standing next to a very large tree. However the gentleman also resembles George Aldrich, who probably took the photo or posed in the photo and had someone else take it. The note on the…

Water trough 3.jpg
Photos taken by Zack Meadows of what may be the last remaining water trough in Granville, 2022. These water troughs used to be marked on the old maps of Granville in the late 1800's to show travelers where they could water their horses along the…

This photo was kindly contributed by Timothy O'Keefe, 2022.Here is his description of the photo: "Wildcat Road, Waterfall, April 1932," according to your website. I've been calling this Hollister Brook Falls. I hike Northeast Granville regularly and…

Main Road Maple Street 1958 01 wide view-8846.jpg
A photo taken at the library corner looking west southwest (see map). The library is just out of sight on the left. Main Road (it was called Maple Street in 1958) proceeds up Granville hill on the right. The buildings in the center of the photo are…

Wildcat Road Waterfall 1932 04-8821.jpg
Photo of Hollister Brook falls near Wildcat Road, Granville, Massachusetts, 1932. CLICK HERE to view a present-day photo of the falls.

Bridge Near Greenfield 1932 07-8819.jpg
The French King bridge crosses the Connecticut River between Erving and Gill, Massachusetts (near Greenfield).

Photo taken by Herbert A. Hiers of the French King Bridge, July 1932. The bridge is in the final stages of structural completion, with…

View From Granville Library-6864.jpg
View looking west from the front yard of the Granville Library, probably early 1950's or late 1940's.

Granville School Bus on Water Street v2-8039.jpg
The Granville "school bus" proceeding west past the Noble & Cooley drum shop at 42 Water Street, Granville, Massachusetts.

This photo was taken prior to the removal of the bridge in the background, which ran between N&C buildings 14 and 15. It was…

Tree on road above Cobble Mountain Reservoir Paul Jensen photo.jpg
The old tree near 655 Blandford Road, overlooking the Cobble Mountain Reservoir. Tree removed 2020 (or 2019?).

Aldrich Catch 1908 photo-7639.jpg
George Aldrich was a trapper by trade, coming to West Granville by 1908. George boarded at the Major Nelson on West Hartland Road. Major Nelson told George he could trap anything he wanted with the exception of Major's daughter, Ruth.
George did not…

Bettinger Album 057 The Pump 1922 -5394.jpg
Some pictures defy explanation. The obvious question here is: "Why?"

This appears to be the well pump at the old Granville Village School on Granby Road. (??)

From the Viola Elizabeth Bettinger (1899-1983) photo album. Viola Bettinger was a…

Bettinger Album 008 Lovers Lane c 1921-5340.jpg
From the Viola Elizabeth Bettinger (1899-1983) photo album. Viola Bettinger was a teacher at the old Granville Village School during the early 1920's. Her photo album was donated to the Granville Library Historical Room. All photos in the album have…
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