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Aunt Bessie Beats the Band, The Grange Players, May 13, 1941
A play put on by the Grange Players held at the Grange hall on Granby Road, Granville, Massachusetts on May 13, 1941.The players are listed as Avis(?) no last name; Frisbie (no first name); Mrs. Frisbie; Dickinson; Milton Hansen; Milo (no last name);…

2023 "History On The Go!" Trail Schedule
A brochure published by the Pioneer Valley History Network (PVHN) publicizing five "trail" days during the summer and fall of 2023. Each day features a different selection of historic sites and museums. See the brochure for details.

The Noble &…

Deborah Sampson: A Revolution of Her Own, Living History Presentation, September 20, 2023
A flyer for the upcoming (or past, depending on when you read this) Living History event at the Noble & Cooley Center for Historic Preservation (NCCHP) on September 20, 2023 at 6:30 PM, 42 Water Street, Granville, MA.

This performance comes highly…

Granville 250th Anniversary, West Granville Congregational Church Photos
Photos of the 250th anniversary of the incorporation of the Town of Granville (1754-2004), contributed by the West Granville Congregational Church.

First photo shows the people who built the float:

Marty and Deborah Boulanger
Susan Adams…

Brownie Field Trip to the Post Office, May 1986
Brownie Troop 221B visited the Granville Post Office (01034) in May, 1986. Photos from the Elizabeth ("Betty") Carpenter collection, donated by Karen J. Carpenter, 2023. Betty Carpenter served as Postmaster. The Granby Road post office was replaced…

Main Road 1580 Academy Hall Rededication, 1975
In 1975 Academy Hall was rededicated after some restoration work was done to the facility. To celebrate the milestone a reception was held, and R. Jay Drolett was there with his camera. The photos were assembled in an album which was then donated to…

Harvest Fair, 1985
Photo donated to the Library Club in 1988 by Barbara Horlor showing the Library Club stand at the 1985 Granville Harvest Fair. Items being sold included vinyl records for $1.00 each, and used books.

Harvest Fair, 1984
A collection of photos from the 1984 Granville Harvest Fair, donated to the Library Club by Barbara Horlor in 1988.

This writer recalls driving past the 1984 Harvest Fair late in the day after a long leaf-peeping drive, wandering aimlessly through…

Mabel Root Henry Historical Museum ("Historical Room") Donors
A list of those whose generosity has supported the mission of the Mabel Root Henry Historical Museum (Historical Room) at the Granville Public Library.

Their generosity has been expressed in the form of financial support as well as contributions…

Stand With Ukraine, Granville Green

A Perfectly Good Morning Nap Ruined, 1904
An account of murder and mayhem in the village!

Oh wait, never mind.......

Murder In West Granville, 1911
NOTE: You will need to use the "enlarge" (+ icon) to make the newspaper type in the viewing windows legible. The 30 Sep 1911 Springfield Daily News account of a tragic murder in West Granville.The article mentions a photo (shown here; the two men in…
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