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Recently Added Items

Granville Sun Newspaper, 1880-1881

Granville Sun.jpg

IMPORTANT: The full text of all editions is available at THIS LINK to the Granville Public Library page on Internet Archive. Please click on the link…

1924 Granville Schools Report

1924 Schools Report.pdf

Report from the Superintendent of Schools, published in the 1924 Town of Granville Annual Report.

Hartland Hollow House

Hartland Hollow House Thrall-9024.jpg

A house apparently on Hartland Hollow Road. The description on the back of the photo is confusing. Can anyone shed light on what house this was?

Yarmitsky Family With Barn and Cows, Bef. 1911

Yarmitsky Omansky Family.jpg

The Yarmitsky family. Location believed to be the old Harger place (now gone) on Sheets Road. These two pictures may have been taken on the same day…

Summer Homes and Farms, West Granville, MA.

Summer Homes and Farms West Granville-9026.jpg

Advertising flyer from a local realtor extolling the virtues of country life in West Granville. The goal was to draw would-be "country squire" types…

Five Women Born In Granville In The 1860's (1951 Photo)

Noble Rowley Wilcox Ovesen 1951 06 25 Granville.jpg

Photo taken on June 25, 1951. Five women born in Granville in the 1860's. Reason for their reunion is unknown but the photo was in the Granville…