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Main Road 0310, Granville, Massachusetts

Main Road 0310 Donald Dickinson 1941  Hiers Photo 072-5238.jpg

310 Main Road, Granville, Massachusetts. Built 1937.

Photo: Summer 1941, taken by Herbert Hiers. The home of Donald Dickinson at that time.

Granby Road 0044, Granville, Massachusetts

Granby Road 0044 May Noble 1941  Hiers Photo 07-5239.jpg

44 Granby Road, Granville, Massachusetts

Photo: Summer 1941, taken by Herbert Hiers. The home of May Noble at that time.

Main Road 0430, Granville, Massachusetts

Main Road 0430 Arch Tryon 1941  Hiers Photo 074-5240.jpg

430 Main Road, Granville, Massachusetts

Photo: Taken by Herbert Hiers, summer 1941. The home of Arch Tryon at the time.

Granby Road 0054, Granville, Massachusetts

Granby Road 0054 W H Sanderson 1941  Hiers Photo 075-5241.jpg

54 Granby Road, Granville, Massachusetts.

Photo taken by Herb Hiers, summer 1941. The home of Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Sanderson at that time.