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Recently Added Items

Truman B. Coe (2 Feb 1862 - 12 Sep 1950), Tintype

Ives Collection Truman B Coe tintype 2.jpg

Truman B. Coe, born in West Granville, 1862. Died 1950, buried in South Amherst Cemetery.

Ball Tickets, 1863 - 1867

Ives Collection Harvest Ball New Boston 1863 09 18.jpg

A collection of tickets to various balls in New Boston and Ashley Falls, from 1863-1867.

Granville-Tolland Lions Club

Granville Tolland Lions 2019 12 07.jpg

Photos in order of most recent event to oldest:

Breakfast With Santa, 07 Dec 2019
Spaghetti Dinner, 23 Feb 2008
Harvest Fair, Oct 2008

Truman and Elizabeth (Priest) Ives Family

Ives Collection Truman Ives 1864 09 04 stamp.jpg

Truman (1813-1900) and Elizabeth Ives (1814-1880) lived on New Boston Road (Rt. 57) in Tolland, MA. The house burned in 1929. The cellar holes for the…

Granville Public Library Plans and Build Specifications, 1900

Granville Library Plans Front Elevation.jpg

Plans and a project outline by the Springfield architectural firm Gardner, Pyne & Gardner for the construction of the Granville Public Library at 2…

Franklin Clark and Susan (Couch) Clark

Clark Collection Franklin Clark standing by house.jpg

Franklin Clark (18 Aug 1828 - 3 Apr 1917) was born in East Hartland and served in the Civil War (Co. E 25th Connecticut Volunteers).

Susan (Couch)…