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Recently Added Items

"The Life, Trial and Conviction of Capt. John Brown," published 1959

john brown 001.jpg

100 pages, published by Robert M. De Witt, New York, NY, 1859

Horse and Driver on Main Road, Granville, 1980's

Main Road Horse.jpg

"Jadi" in front of 462 Main Road, driven by Roxanne (Woodger) Blaze. Photo taken some time between 1982 and 1987.. Photographer not known.

Comet Neowise, July 2020

Comet Neowise 2020 07 17 Dorrie Holmes Photo.jpg

Comet Neowise photographed from Granville, July 17, 2020 around 9:30. Location: Northwest sky, find the big dipper, then look below the cup of the…

Granville Library in the Time of COVID-19 (2020)

Library Pandemic 2020 07 15.JPG

1. Notices in front of the library, summer 2020.
2. Outdoor Story Time: Linda Dickinson entertains the kids with a story, October 3, 2020.

Anna Reed Barlow (1802-1891) and Edmund Barlow (1796-1864)

Anna Reed Barlow Shawl 1.JPG

Shawl and quilt, belonged to Anna (Reed) Barlow.

Photos courtesy of Kathleen Clifford Ivory, July 2020.