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Recently Added Items

Mabel Rivers, Harold Nelson, Ruth Nelson

Rivers Mabel Aldrich  Harold Ruth-7533.jpg

Mabel Rivers, Harold Nelson, Ruth Nelson. The dog is probably the Nelson family dog, Jack.

Major Nelson With Long Gun at Big Falls, Hubbard River, West Granville, MA.

Nelson Major at Big Falls Hubbard River-7530.jpg

Major Nelson at Big Falls, Hubbard River, West Granville, MA.

Group of Children, West Granville, MA.

Children 11-7532.jpg

A group of West Granville children in a George Aldrich photo.

Florence Shepherd, Anna Shepherd, Charles Cooley, Lloyd Ransom, May Hague.

Old Brodrib Place Near Hubbard River

Aldrich Ruth Alice Brodrib place image corrected-7522.jpg

Photo taken at the "old Brodrib place." The original photo was printed in reverse with the door on the left (wrong) side. The photo as shown here has…

James Hague (1909-2007) and May Aldrich (1913-2005) Wedding, 1939

Aldrich Hague Wedding-7541.jpg

Wedding party, James Hague and May Aldrich, 08 Jul 1939.

Left to right:
Aileen Ferris, Louisa Reeves, Leona Aldrich Clifford, May Aldrich Hague,…