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Bodurtha, Samuel and Others In Front of Second Congregational Church, West Granville

Bodurtha Sam West Granville.jpg

Caption on the back of the photo reads "Sam Bodurtha, back seat, back of driver, with his friends/relatives, in West Granville. Building. in back a…

Aldrich, George with "Lady On A Cow"

Aldrich George and cow 1939.jpg

George Aldrich with a cow that has the profile of a woman on the cow's side, 28 Aug 1939.

George Aldrich took many of the photos that appear on the…

Main Road 1442, Daniel Rose House, PART 2

File 1 of 5 updated Daniel Rose House, W. Granville NR District, by Geske[22598].pdf

This is Part 2 of information relating to the Daniel Rose House. TO VIEW PART 1 CLICK HERE. Research into the Daniel Rose house, circa 1741, at 1460…

Granville Reservoir Watershed Map, 1934

Granville Dam Properties Blueprint Northwest.jpg

Due to the size of the original document it is presented here in four images (Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast).

This map shows the names…

Granville Map, 1912

Granville Map Northwest Quadrant 1912.jpg

1912 map of Granville, by Richards Map Company, Springfield, Ma.

Due to the size of the original map it has been digitized in four quadrants, plus…