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Recently Added Items

Granville Heirloom Recipes, Part One

Andrews Cider Cake Aunt Dianas Loaf Cake.jpg

Old recipes. No guarantees, bakers beware! There may be gems and there may be duds. Baking times and temps are often not provided because the recipes…

Miles J. Rose (1839-1915)

Rose Miles J Obit.jpg

Miles Rose was a direct descendant of Jonathan Rose, one of Granville's original settlers. He is said to have been the last Rose to live in Granville,…

Jesse and Hannah Boulanger, 2021 Independence day Parade

Independence Day 2021 Jesse Boulanger.jpg

Jesse and Hannah enjoying the 2021 Independence Day Parade.

Independence Day 2016

Independence Day 2016 Clifford 02.jpg

Photos of the 2016 Independence Day parade in Granville, Massachusetts.

Independence Day 2013

Flag at Noble & Cooley 2013.jpg

The 20' by 30' flag at the Noble & Cooley Company (founded 1854) in Granville, Independence Day 2013.

Do you have any photos of the 2013 parade you…